Vision & Mission

Our Vision

With a replicable model, Cornerstone Financial Strategies will serve our ideal-client community with the Pacific Northwest’s own comprehensive financial-planning and advisory team.

We define our “Ideal Client-Community” as being:
  • Passionate about their goals
  • Ready to hear the truth
  • Willing to accept advice
  • Comfortable with paying a fee

We define financial planning as holistic, integrated plan development, risk mitigation, asset management and legacy solutions.


Our Mission

To provide guided self-discovery for individuals, families and business owners, in order to gain clarity about their values and goals, helping them achieve quality of life and maintain financial independence over multiple generations.

We assist this effort by:
  • Bringing creative design ideas in the areas of retirement, wealth management, estate, gift and legacy planning.
  • Coordinating the client’s team of key advisors including their CPA and attorney.
  • Acting as catalyst and advocate to get things done.