Retirement Big Risk: Not Having A Comprehensive Financial Plan

18 Nov 2015

The biggest risk that every retiree faces is failing to have a comprehensive financial plan in place. It’s a risk that you have direct influence on and can prepare for well in advance if you take action. Perhaps you have started some financial planning covering some basic wealth management and estate plan strategies, but does your plan cover all five key components of a holistic financial strategy?

I cannot emphasize enough that financial planning is not just wealth management. Wealth management is certainly an important part of an overall, comprehensive financial plan. But it’s just one part. At some point in your life, you are likely to need all five of these disciplines. You will need them to be working well individually, but you will also need them to be working well in concert. As you cobble together a financial plan, it can seem just too complicated to handle. But when you break it down into its components, it becomes easier.

Our goal at Cornerstone Financial Strategies is to make financial planning clear and understandable. What is difficult for many is putting all the pieces together to execute the concepts and maintain a sense of accountability. You need, in effect, someone to conduct the orchestra. Manage this risk now. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation today to make sure that it does.


Brad Berger
Brad Berger

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