Retirement Big Risk: Dying too Soon

17 Jul 2015

Throughout our lives there are risks and unforeseen events that arise. But, if you are aware of the possible risks and can plan for some of the unforeseen events, you will be prepared to weather the storm. One of THE 6 BIG RISKS® that every good financial plan should address, is dying too soon. This is a tough topic because it is emotional and often challenging to discuss with family – it’s not something we want to think about, but it’s necessary. It can be devastating to lose the one with whom you were anticipating a long life together, discussing your mutual values and goals, creating a financial roadmap. We all know people who have suffered such a loss. The emotional impact can be far reaching. The financial impacts can have significant consequences, as well.

The good news is that it is quite simple to plan the financial aspects. Grief must take its uncertain course, but in the meantime one thing is for sure: A well-designed and executed survivor plan can bring a significant amount of comfort to the family.

Anyone who has lost a loved one understands the stress. “How will I go on? How will I afford to live, to raise the kids alone?” We can help others plan so that they can deal with the financial impact. That’s a matter of math. I cannot plan for how they will get through the tears. That’s a matter of the heart.

Does your financial plan address this risk? Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation today to make sure that it does.


Brad Berger
Brad Berger

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