Our Current Presentations

Cornerstone Financial Strategies is a locally owned, comprehensive financial-planning firm that works with individuals, families and small-to-midsize businesses. Over the years, we’ve given a wide variety of presentations, focused on timely financial topics.

Our current presentations deal with what’s on people’s minds in today’s changing economy. They all involve participation and interaction with the audience, and leave time for questions at the end. Their strength is the ability to take seemingly complex topics and break them down into memorable, actionable steps.

Our Current List of Presentations Include:

  • Live Your Ideal Life!™
  • Living a Vital Long Life!
  • Business Killers
  • Roth Conversion: Myths and Misconceptions
  • IRA Distribution Planning

We would be glad to visit your club, organization, meeting, group, etc. to share the presentation of your choice and address your members’ questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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