The Cornerstone Process

Learn how our team will support you

The chart below is a breakdown of our comprehensive timeline to prepare your furture and get you on track toward financial stability and success. We will use this as our guide to walk you through the planning stages and beyond.

Value Added Resources

The following resources and exercises are available as part of our Recurring Review Cycle™ in subsequent years to enrich and deepen our client’s experience related to the four elements of our Value Proposition.

 In Years 2 and Beyond:

  • The Quality of Life Enhancer™ Worksheet
  • Single Simple Doable Thing
  • Goals Clarification Exercise
  • Fulfillment Exercise
  • Who Are You? / Why?
  • Life Operating System
  • Compassion Exercise
  • MyPlanMap
  • EverPlan™

In Year 3 and Beyond:

The Vital Life Long Alignment including:

  • Vital Life Long Assessment
  • The Possibilities ExplosionT™
  • Rapid Change Exercise
  • Vital Age Calculator
  • Reset Button Builder
  • The Wealth Alignment Triple Play
  • The Purpose Builder: Your Dream Life List
  • The Life Alignment Gym