Is Your Team of Retirement Experts Truly Supporting Your Goals?

23 Nov 2015

When is the last time your insurance agent, wealth manager, financial planner, attorney, and CPA sat in the same room to discuss your individual financial plan? Do they even know who the other professionals on your team are?

Most professionals are classically trained in their particular discipline. Unfortunately, that means they do things their own way. Most don’t ask the right questions as it pertains to an overall financial plan. Despite their expertise, they need to communicate to truly be effective. A professional in one field can produce excellent, beautifully crafted, technically correct work that is in conflict with another professional’s excellent, beautifully crafted, and technically correct work. The result is a hodgepodge of ideas that do not support your most important goals and is not in alignment with your most deeply held values.

There has been more than one occasion in my professional career where I have seen a plan drafted by a CPA that is in conflict with a plan that an attorney drafted. The two of them never spoke. A financial planner really can’t rely on the client to be that bridge. The experts must communicate directly with each other. And someone must coordinate the experts to make sure they are working together efficiently. That’s the process we believe works at Cornerstone Financial Strategies. Learn more about what we call the Ensemble Practice Advantage and how it can help you coordinate a team that works for you.


Brad Berger
Brad Berger

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