Ensemble Practice Advantage

EnsemblePractice_ChartDon’t Leave Your Dreams and Desires to Chance!

In today’s turbulent and complex economy, you simply can’t leave your dreams and desires to chance. The days of the “solo” practitioner have been eclipsed by the increasing complexities of our lives. In our opinion, it is simply impossible for a Financial Planner to be competent and effective in every aspect of financial, legal and life planning.

Over 100 years of Combined Professional Experience

In our ensemble model, we bring you over 100 years of hands-on experience in the team members of Brad Berger, Bill Pickles, Mike Pickles, Jim Feist, and J.B. Wilson. And though each has knowledge of and experience with almost every facet of financial planning, each specializes in a distinct discipline. We operate as a team – with each member responsible for primary tasks. Brad, Bill and Mike have extensive experience in business planning, succession planning, retirement income distribution, and risk management – this makes them an ideal choice for complex case design. Bill’s experience in Institutional Money Management positions him distinctly as our primary coordinator of wealth management strategies. Brad’s background in Comprehensive Financial Planning situates him for the coordination and implementation process. Mike’s vast experience in both Retail and Institutional client service enables a flexible support component for the needs of both our clients and our team.

Coaching the Very Best to Pursue Your Goals

Despite the considerable experience of Cornerstone Financial Strategies’ team, and the independence, support, and backing of LPL Financial, we rely on the services of additional experts to bring you comprehensive advice. This approach is what we believe separates us from the other choices you have and what will help you in aligning your most important goals with your most deeply held values.

We have access to a team of specialists in a wide variety of disciplines. These individuals and firms are not affiliated with our firm, but have been carefully screened and have passed our rigorous standards for ethics, professionalism and client service. All understand our process and services, and many have experienced the Financial Road Map® process for themselves. Since we consider ourselves Life Planners who specialize in money, and the fact that Quality of Life extends well beyond the financial world, our list is not limited to only Attorneys, CPAs, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Professionals, Lenders and Trust Officers. It also includes Physicians, Dentists, Travel Agents, Contractors, Haberdashers, Professional Organizers and other service professionals. Of course, you, as the client, always have the final decision. We are willing to coordinate with anyone you are either currently working with or may choose in the future.


Staying on Top of Changes to Protect You

Additionally, we rely on the coaching assistance and guidance of other nationally recognized professionals to keep us up-to-date and at the top of our game for the benefit of our clients. These resources go well beyond a newsletter subscription or access to a website. These are individuals that we have a personal, ongoing relationship with and immediate access to. In addition to e-mail and teleconference, we also train with them regularly face-to-face.

Finally, we rely on the expertise of the Cornerstone Financial Strategies Advisory Board, which consists of selected clients and local business leaders. Our semi-annual meetings provide an excellent exchange of ideas and recommendations of how we can improve our effectiveness, and enhance the client experience.