Brian K. Young


Brian is our Trusted Advisor for the Mississippi Gulf Coast, serving clients throughout the Southeast. A successful client during his active duty Navy career, he translated that experience to the role of financial planner and advisor, with an independent financial-services firm for over 14 years. He assisted military families in pursuing their financial goals through developing, implementing and executing long-term savings, insurance and investment plans as the foundation for family security upon leaving military service. Brian’s experience gradually led to the Values-Based Financial-Planning™ philosophy, where he joined Cornerstone Financial Strategies in 2012 to expand providing the highest level of comprehensive financial services through our team approach.

A 1973 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Brian was designated a Naval Aviator, ASW helicopter pilot, engineering test pilot and Aeronautical Engineering Duty Officer; serving in a variety of leadership, engineering management, logistics, and research and development roles. While in the Navy, Brian developed a strong drive to “serve the fleet” in his logistics assignments; which has translated to a passion for serving others. His various roles also cultivated a passion for orchestrating logical problem solving, organizational development and continuous process improvement. After a 22-year Navy career, Brian also served as Administrator of a Christian school in his Church, before moving to Biloxi, Mississippi in the field of financial services. He is married for 39 years to Teresa Lindsay of Pensacola, FL, with four grown children and six grandchildren.

As a Trusted Advisor, Brian is a teacher and coach, influencing others to align their lives with their ultimate design in the process of pursuing their greatest personal potential. He is the guardian of his clients’ Financial Road Map®, coordinating, consolidating and simplifying all planning efforts in a fiduciary role, while providing the accountability necessary to help them make the smartest life choices and decisions.

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