Everyday Budgeting


Jan 2017

Five Disaster Financial Moves

If you avoid these 5 disaster financial moves, you may have a good chance of becoming prosperous and hitting your goals. If you have made one of these already, it may be time to come see us to show you how to get back on track. #1 Buying More Home Than You Can Afford This is our top one as it will truly cripple your...

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Jan 2017

3 Money Lessons I Learned From My Parents

Often we don’t appreciate everything that happens to us growing up as a child. We know that our formative years can very much outline and shape the way we think and act as an adult. We know that in some households money never gets discussed with the kids and in others there are detailed discussions about how to create a household budget. These money lessons...

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Nov 2016

Saving for a Large Purchase

Saving for a large-screen television? A new car? A real estate down payment? This checklist can help you reach any savings goal. Buying something on credit can be significantly more expensive than paying cash when you figure in the cost of borrowing the money for the purchase. Many people find that saving the money beforehand is a more efficient strategy. Here’s a checklist that can...

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Oct 2016

5 Ways To Cut Down Your Cell Phone Bill

#1 Who is Your Top Ten? Most of the mobile phone companies will offer some type of free minute program around the top ten friends and family contacted the most. If a family bill has 25% to 50% of total minutes within those ten numbers, your minutes can be lowered and you would save a significant amount of money. #2 Unlimited Texting Children who have...

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