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Feb 2017

Should You Leave Your IRAs to a Trust?

Reasons to Name a Trust as Your Ira Beneficiary: #1 Minor. If a minor (under 18 or 21 depending on state law) is named as the IRA beneficiary, it provides a reason to name a trust because minors are not able to make tax elections like IRA distribution decisions. Even if your beneficiary is not a minor, you may want the trust to provide for...

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Jan 2017

10 Things To Include In Your Will

#1 Name a personal representative or executor In an individual will, your parent can name a person or institution to at as a personal representative, called an executor in some states, who will be responsible for making sure that the will is carried out as written and that the property is divvied up and distributed as directed. It’s also wise to name an alternate in...

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Nov 2016

Four Things Parents Need to Tell Their Kids About Their Estate Plan

It’s interesting that as parents age, especially when they get to 70, they start thinking about their own mortality. They start to think about which of their kids are responsible, especially when it comes to money. Many parents are nervous to tell their kids about how much money they have or what’s happening with the family finances because they either don’t want to bother their...

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