5 Ways To Cut Down Your Cell Phone Bill

27 Oct 2016


#1 Who is Your Top Ten?

Most of the mobile phone companies will offer some type of free minute program around the top ten friends and family contacted the most. If a family bill has 25% to 50% of total minutes within those ten numbers, your minutes can be lowered and you would save a significant amount of money.

#2 Unlimited Texting

Children who have a mobile phone tend to have a complete opposite talk to text ratio from adults. Most of the kids who are under the age of 17 will use about 80% to 90% texting and only 10% to 20% talking, whereas most parents will be the opposite. If texting amounts are getting up in the thousands, the best option is likely to go to unlimited texting to cut the overall bill. If choosing to go with a smaller amount of texts, then it might make sense to spend $5 a month to put the cap on each child so they don’t exceed the limits where most of the extra charges come from.

#3 Only Change When Upgrade is Available

Most of the mobile phone companies allow phone upgrades every two years without incurring the full cost of the new phone. It can be easy to get caught up with the latest and greatest technology and want to change phones every year, but this can really add significant cost to the bottom line of the bill. One consideration with the new iPhones or other expensive android devices is to buy insurance in case the phone breaks. Replacing the screen of a new iPhone can cost an astronomical amount of money, so getting insurance (especially for kids) may save you a significant amount of money later on.

#4 Employer Discount Program

Many large corporations have something called an employee mall. In the employee mall (or benefits booklet), an employer will have negotiated a master discount program with Verizon, AT&T, Spring, or one of the other major carriers. These discount offers can range from 10% to 25% depending on the carrier. In addition, a phone plan tied into a family plan with kids can save $40 per month or more.

#5 Don’t Dial 411

With all of the accessibility today through data plans and access to the internet, there really should be very little reason to dial 411 anymore. Most cell phone companies charge a fee of $1.99 each time 411 is dialed. Do that a few times per month and it will quickly equal $10 a month of extra charges just to grab a phone number.


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Brad Berger
Brad Berger

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